This is the afterlife of an aborted project. Katy Gierlach and Jared McKinley wanted to create a new magazine after they left edible Baja Arizona as it moved toward its demise.

MEOW Magazine was set to be launched in 2017, but was interrupted first by cancer, and then by the untimely death of one of MEOW's co-conspirators.

Those life-changing events caused the remaining founders to head into a new direction—they started a plant nursery.

But the energy that fueled the inspiration for MEOW Magazine still resides in the remaining founders, and this blog aims at satisfying those urges.

The editorial scope of this site is simple: we write about whatever we feel like writing about. Our perspective is always through a regional lens.

The content in these pages is produced by Katy Gierlach and Jared McKinley.