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With the dumpster fire in the White House, hurricanes, and bombardment of sensationalized stories filling our Facebook feeds these days, one might have forgotten that recently that Mexico just experienced some terrible earthquakes. Many people have lost their homes and their livelihoods. These earthquakes have also brought aftershocks and flooding to Oaxaca, Chiapas, and Mexico City. 

In much of the United States the average citizen may be fairly ignorant of the importance of Mexico to our economy: Mexico is in our meals (so much of our food comes from our neighbors to the south), and in our phones and computers (Mexico is a major importer of metals and minerals that are essential to our functioning technology). And, of course, we all love our mezcal, chocolate, and sweeteners. 

While the response, in and out of Mexico, has been positive, there are still those in the more rural (and impoverished) regions that will not receive aid like those in the more wealthy urban areas. The aid to these populations is limited and oftentimes what little support they do get is distributed in a clientelist way. 

In Tucson we are somewhat more aware of our neighbors, because they are, literally, our neighbors. On Sunday, October 15, The Owls Club (one of the best bars in Arizona), will be hosting a benefit Rebuilding Mexico, raising funds to help bring some relief to our neighbors to the south. 

A silent auction (of which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to relief funds) will be held throughout the evening; all items have been donated by local businesses in Tucson. Additionally 30% of the bar sales will also be donated to the cause. 

Live music will be provided by Hey Bucko (Tucson), Louise Le Hir (Tucson), and Sergeant Papers Lonely Psych Punk Band (Hermosillo). There will also be light fair Mexico City-style fair.

Drinking Oaxacan mezcal is strongly encouraged!

All benefits go to Topos and Rebuilding Mexico



Jared "Kitty Katt" McKinley

Publisher, botanist, explorer, and proud desert dweller.