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DO THIS MEOW: Experimental Soundtracks, Beats, and Love at PoMoRo

Reighnbeau at PoMoRo with DJQ and Jaime J
at PoMoRo
933 North Main Avenue, Tucson
Monday, June 19
8pm, All Ages, $5 suggested donation

This is a promising show, at a promising venue, with three promising acts. 

The “young vato with an old soul” DJQ aka Enrique García Naranjo is a beatmaker and poet from Tucson. Check out his feature last year in the Los Angeles Times.


Our own Tucson native, Jaime J. (also known as FGGTFAILUR) is a performer extraordinaire whose biting, self-searching music has taken an experimental and more serious turn as of late. He is also a huge MEOW Magazine favorite. Check out his latest video here. <—



GLORY HOLE/SPERM BANK is the new project of Tucson’s Marcos Guerrero Trujillo. Having performed before under different monikers (Glitterfist and Bruja Sucia at QTPOC Fest Tucson) this will be a beat/synth sound set that hopefully results is gross/sexy and dance-y feels. Marcos doesn’t have his music online. 

REIGHNBEAU is the experimental, sountrackesque project by artist Bryce Fletcher, from Albuquerque, NM. 




Jared "Kitty Katt" McKinley

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