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Nationally, the news is bleak and frustrating. And our national artists have been, well…distracted perhaps by the daily barrage of bullshit from Washington DC. I don’t know about you, but nothing on the radio is blowing up my skirt.  

Maybe that is why these new tunes from our hard-working locals feel so goddamn good right now. I mean, sometimes we just need to say ‘fuck it’ and appreciate everything that is next to us, and touchable. Sometimes we just need to shake rumps with friends and say, fuck you United States of America, we’re fucking Tucson. Amazon can reject us, and UNESCO can be taken away, but we’ll still be the same ol’ sweet town with dope homies, living the way we’ve always lived. 

RUBiX and the Resistance is dropping another album Space Elevator on October 19, 2017. If the latest single is any indication of what is inside those pretty covers, we’re in for a fuckin’ treat. 

Featuring some silky vocals by unabashed MEOW favorite, Elias, the beats on this song really kinda kick ass. The first time I watched this video (shot and edited by Bao Nguyen of Newgen Filmworks), the tongue-in-cheek humor in the lyricism caught me by surprise and had me LOLing. 

This song is the opposite of a piece of shit. It’s fucking tits.

If you wanna pick up the album early, there will be a Space Elevator Listening Party at the Hut, October 17, two days before the official release. Copies will be available for purchase. DJ Luv will be spinning music otherwise while you tank up on $3.50 You-Call-Its.

If you missed it check out the feature Jaron Ikner did on RUBiX (photography by Jimi Giannatti).

And if you somehow overlooked our obvious favoritism for Elias, check out the feature we did on him in the beginning of this summer. 



Jared "Kitty Katt" McKinley

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