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While hip-hop is currently going through a trap renaissance,  many fans of the urban genre have developed a thirst for something fresh to hit their ears. In comes PERR!S, with his new single “Vibrant.” The bouncy new single features a catchy chorus and sing-song lyrics designed to put you in a great mood. Despite it dropping this fall, this song could easily be a summertime anthem as the wavy chords and urgent drum patterns take the listener on a seasonal cruise.

The only thing better than the song is the video directed by Yung Mac. The one-take video shot at Old Main at the University of Arizona, is everything that you can ask for: bright flashing colors, dance sequences and a feel-good energy designed to hypnotize the listener/viewer and take them deep into the psyche of PERR!S.

“Vibrant” acts as a one-off, as PERR!S plans on releasing at least two more singles before the end of the year. If they are anything like “Vibrant” we have something special to look forward to.

PERR!S – Vibrant is available to download/stream here.  


Jaron Ikner

Jaron Ikner aka Black One is a future Multi-Media legend and was once a magician in a previous life.